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For over forty-five years, the Montessori Center for Teacher Education (San Diego) has been educating Montessori teachers for Early Childhood, Elementary I, Elementary I – II and, most recently, Elementary II. As the program grew it became known for its academic rigor, thoroughness, and authentic approach to Montessori education. We are grateful for our years of success and for all the teachers and adult learners who believed in and participated in our program. We are especially grateful to our many graduates who carry on the work of Montessori in today’s world. Over the years, the program has remained current with Montessori practices and changes in the educational realm. The success and growth of our program through the years rests on the shoulders of many people who are too numerous to acknowledge individually, but know that all their efforts are deeply appreciated and not forgotten.

The Montessori Center for Teacher Education is pleased to announce that the program will continue in the San Diego regional area under new ownership and at a new location. Beginning June 1, 2021, the program will be under the direction of Adela Corrales at Country Montessori School. Look for new courses to begin in 2022.

Early Childhood

The Montessori Method allows the child to work on self-selected tasks of interest in an environment that features the teacher as preparer and guide of the learning process.
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Elementary I

The child is presented with vast fields of knowledge which he/she is eager to explore. The Montessori Elementary teacher works in the service of the complete human being who is able to exercise in freedom a self-disciplined will and judgment, and who will be able to function effectively in these expansive times.
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Elementary II

The course will cover content areas and presentations for math, geometry, history, economic geography, language, biology, chemistry/environmental studies, classroom leadership, and curriculum development and design.
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